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The all-in-one platform for all your events and activities. Piclaso takes care of administration, while you grow your business.

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What can Piclaso do?
We've built Piclaso with the help from our instructors.
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Run your business with one platform
Piclaso is the easiest way to start taking booking, managing clients, payments and everything in between. With just one platform, you can create, manage and grow your business - Piclaso allows you to focus all your energy on your clients.
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What instructors say about Piclaso
Hear how Piclaso's simple all-in-one booking platform is helping our instructors manage and grow their business.
“After I started using Piclaso, I've had more time to focus on what I love, namely my clients and my craft. Piclaso is easy to use and saves me a lot of administrative time.”
- Nick Barnø, MMA & Personal trainer
“I enjoy working with the Piclaso team and I like how they are open to ideas and feedback and rapidly convert my input into enhancements of the platform. They even sponsored a giveaway of my classes, showing how committed they are to helping me grow my business”
- Aida Mesic, Personal trainer
“Piclaso has 100% made things easier for me. Now I can keep track of how many clients come to my classes and it's really simple to use.
The service from the Piclaso team is incredible, there’s always someone ready to help.”
- Bobby Atiedu, Dance
Easiest way for clients to book
Piclaso gives your clients the freedom to book by themselves and a platform where they have their receipts, vouchers, giftcards, reviews etc. Make it as easy as possible for clients to book, by using Piclaso.
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7% booking fee

Instant payments

Unlimited bookings

Unlimited clients

SMS & Email notifications to clients

Simple bookkeeping

Website module

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$60 USD

5% booking fee

Includes everything from Free

Monthly client subscriptions

Online classes & events

Automatic bookkeeping

Sell gift cards

Custom branding

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Welcome to Piclaso - We are passionate about building the best scheduling and booking platform

The business of teaching, coaching, educating and instructing others is plagued by ancient administration, cash payments, overhead and messy paperwork.

At Piclaso we strive to give you all the modern digital tools you need to run your business in a single place, so you can focus on the important things. Sharing your craft and passion with the world.

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Lui Dupont Brandstrup,
Head of Product

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