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København, Denmark

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1h 30m
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1 People
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0 - 100 Years

Let's help you perform better, move better and have fun while working out.

• You get training specific to your goals, while offering Strength & Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts, Kettlebell training, Breathwork & Recovery and more.
• You will improve your performance and freedom of movement, whether you are a fighter, an athlete or just want to move better.
• We focus on the natural movements of the body, functional training and also athletic, sport-specific training.
• You will not only learn how to be smart and flexible with your body, but you will also learn how to be flexible with your life, mind and training.


Twinfit is dedicated to passing on our experience and knowledge for over 10 years helping you with movement, performance, personal growth, life, health, longevity, to make progress for the better. Pursuit greatness!

We want to become world class coaches, while educating others to reach their full potential.

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