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At Piclaso we believe in sharing knowledge and that there’s always a hidden talent or hobby waiting to be shared with others. Become an instructor and maximize your profitability.

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Reach a bigger audience with no effort

With Piclaso you are instantly searchable and reach a bigger audience. You no longer need expensive ad campaigns in order to gain visibilty for new clients.

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Be bookable on all platforms

You no longer need a fancy website to be visible and bookable on all platforms and stay up to date. Piclaso takes care of that for you.

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For those seeking to play, live and learn and expand their horizons.

Maximize the value of your experiences on our peer-to-peer services marketplace geared towards the curious and adventurous.

Promote your services and reach a big audience

Enable clients to quickly book and pay for your services

Plan and publish your availability and focus on providing the best activities.

Track your metrics and tweak your offerings based on data intelligence

Save time & make more money

With Piclaso you save time & money on administration, multiple systems and marketing.

2 hours

Saved daily


Higher revenue


More clients


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It takes less than 4 minutes to set up your profile and be ready to create your first activity.

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Receive notfications when clients book a session or buy a voucher.

Get paid automatically through our safe online payment system.

Keep track of bookings, clients and reviews on your dashboard.

Easy-to-use calendar, that can also integrate with your Google Calendar.

Clients recieve a QR code for you to scan and be sure they have booked the session.

Get promoted on our platform and expand your audience for free.

Pricing for instructors

Find a plan that suits your needs.

/ month
Unlimited activities
Unlimited bookings
Unlimited clients
8% transaction fee
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