From accounting to personal trainer

By Piclaso · 26. Aug 2022

Before I started out as a personal trainer, I was working with finance, accounting and project management within Gothenburg Municipality for more than 10 years. 
I thought it was super boring and it didn’t challenge me. I have always had a passion for fitness since I’ve played basketball my whole life and I’ve participated in fitness competitions twice. I decided I needed a change in my life and that’s when I decided to start from scratch and I moved to Copenhagen.

Challenges when I started out

Networking was the biggest challenge, when I started. It was especially hard to build my own name, since I had started from scratch, when moving from Sweden to Denmark. I had to build a network. 

It was hard to get clients since nobody knew who I was and I had to gain their trust. I had to train my friends for free so I could make some videos for Instagram, that I could use for promotion and also to get more experience. I finally got my first clients through friends and word of mouth. 

From the beginning, Instagram has been a big part of my marketing. Instagram has been a big part in me building a consistent business. I have built a big following and I used to do a lot of promotion for my “Bootycamp”. 
To this day, my strategy is the same - I am very active on social media and I use instagram ads to reach new people.


One thing I wish I knew earlier

One thing I really wish I knew, when I started out, is to have a 24-hour cancellation policy. It seems like a small thing, but when I introduced it, it changed my business a lot. Before introducing the 24-hour cancellation policy, clients could cancel on the same day as their session, which meant that it was hard to plan my days. 
When you are self-employed and in charge of all tasks, it is super important to have a structure and be in control of your time. 

The best part about being a personal trainer

The best part about being a personal trainer is meeting so many amazing people and making a difference in their lives and helping them become a better version of themselves. There is honestly nothing more powerful than when a person says “You’ve changed my life”.


My future goals

Today I have a much stronger brand/name, consistent clients and my own clothing brand, Lionné, which is growing. My goal is build my brand, Lionné, even bigger, so that I can live off of the brand and then have one huge ‘Bootycamp’ every month.

My advice for new instructors

My best advice for new instructors is to keep grinding! It is hard in the beginning for everyone, and you will have times where you don’t make any money but stay persistent, don’t give up!
Keep posting, keep promoting and the clients will come eventually. Everyone has good and bad months, even the PT’s who seem like they have 100 clients. 

Also I would suggest new instructors using Piclaso, because it solves many of the administrative tasks you don’t have time to deal with, when starting out and your focus is on building the business. Piclaso allows you to stay focused on growing your business. I can’t pinpoint one feature that is the best, because I think Piclaso has everything we as instructors need, and if there is feature missing, they make sure to make fix it right away. 

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